K of C Insurance News

The Knights of Columbus offer many diverse insurance programs, designed to satisfy the needs of our members and their families. Through individual one on one consulting, K of C insurance agents are able to asses the needs of an individual member and recommend a program that is tailored to those needs, and which would benefit both him and his family for years to come.


For more information about the insurance program and an explanation of what products are offered, visit http://www.kofc.org/un/en/insurance/index.html . This site details information provided by the Supreme Council regarding benefits provided by the Knights of Columbus. 


Upon joining the Knights of Columbus, new members are encouraged to review the New Member Insurance offer, detailed on the reverse side of their registration form (Form 100). Members interested in establishing a personalized insurance program are encouraged to contact Bro. Michael Phelps, our Field Agent.


Bro. Michael Phelps

Field Agent

(519) 851-2529

          Sonny Sangemino, FIC, CPCA

Bro. Sonny Sangemenio, FIC, CPCA

General Agent

(519) 966-9977 or (855) 803-0448